A question of Faith – Does evolution support God?

Question of Faith

Question of Faith

“Evolution supports God!”, Vikram remarked flatly as I argued on how religion needs to be modernised, as evolution theory by Charles Darwin questions the common belief that God created Man. Confused I asked him to elaborate. He told me how our survival skills are better if we have faith in a divine power. I had to agree to some extend with him. So for example, imagine 2 individuals, a believer in God, and an atheist are trapped in a building with no water, no food. After some effort to escape, the atheist might give up hopes, and become miserable, and slowly prefer death. Chances are he wont survive for long. A believer on the other hand will trust God, and will take this event as a test by God, will start praying which will keep him calm and peaceful, also ensuring his mental ability is not lost. There are so many survivors who are rescued and give credit to God. “I prayed everday for a sign of miracle, and got one after 5 days when i heard a muffled sound asking, ‘Is anyone in there?'”, said one of the survivors recently on TV.


Let me clarify first, I dont have a problem with God or religion. I infact give credit to it for ensuring a good way of life and of informing the society on whats right or wrong. Research has shown believers are more happy, less depressed, live a better family life, can cope with work at office, and are less likely to do drugs, smoke, or commit a crime. Recent surveys has also shown people that people without faith were less likely to help a poor or homeless person than religious believers. Which again helps the entire evolution cycle. So the fact remains that I rather have my kids grow up watching Ramayan, and Mahabharat as I did, and not South Park!


My friend Anuja argued though that faith does not necessaily mean faith in God. It could be faith in ones ability to survive too. It can also be that the athesit makes an extra effort to rescue himself. I do agree to this point too, as I remember how at times doctors have told patients who have lost the will to survive knowing there is no cure, about a new drug in the market which will cure them, and although there is no such drug, the patients do respond better to the same medicines.


Well, Its a question of faith. May be in God when you do a sin, in parents when you walk in late after a party, in friends when you smash their new vehicle, in children when you embarrass them in front of their friends, in a lover when you cheat (ask Tiger Woods, he would disagree), in a new medicine when you are told you will die, or in ones own self that helps us evolve.


Anuja is seen here lighting a candle at the Basilica of Bom Jesus.