Sunflowers by Vincent van Gogh, Acrylic on Canvas 18×24 inch

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers, acrylic on canvas

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers, acrylic on canvas

Anyone who loves art, invariably has come across Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. They look childish, and on a quick glance you may rubbish it as worthless. I too struggled with some of his paintings, although some were too beautiful to ignore. Its wrong to think that people like Van Gogh, Monet do not know how to paint the traditional way. They went to good art schools, and some of their earlier work is realistic. Read More

Pacha Katti, Kathakali, Acrylic on Canvas

Pacha Katti, Kathakali Acrylic On Canvas

Pacha Katti, Kathakali, Acrylic On Canvas

On the occasion of Onam, I decided to paint a quick Kathakali dancer. Apparently this one is called Pacha Katti and represents noble characters like Krishna, Rama, Arjun etc. While I used several reference images for this, I decided to do the half face approach which I had used for an earlier painting of mine. Read More