Scrat the squirrel



I am sure everyone knows “Scrat the squirrel” from the movie “Ice Age 3”. This little fellow reminded me of Scrat, zapping around fast, sniffing here there, hunting for his acorn.


Its really difficult at times to photograph animals especially the small timid ones which are camera shy. One has to approach them slowly and click snaps without flash (which means your lighting conditions have to be good) at each step, so that you get the closest snap you can get, before it realises its privacy is being invaded. Using zoom also helps but poses another problem, not only will you need steady hands as a small blur because of the movement of the camera gets magnified in zoom, but also because it makes it more difficult to follow the animal as it moves.


Clicked in the gardern at Askok Club, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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