Lady in the mirror – Priya Bhagra

Lady in the mirror – Priya Bhagra

We decided to try a documentary style photoshoot. The lighting in the room was bad, so we used some studio lights but bounced on the door, (a part of the studio lights are visible). The smudging of mirror with some water helped get the effect we needed. Wet hair sticking to her face and body really helped capture the reflection (not literal). Priya looks all natural and her glace backword is a better pose than the earlier ones we tried (see below). Added the black and white setting later post production.

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Mustache man – Rajasthan

This darbaan (gate keeper) of a resort at Rajasthan, proudly greeted and welcomed us. You will see all around Rajasthan men sporting lavish and stylish beards. His jolly nature and friendliness eased us into a conversation and I asked if he was willing to pose for a photograph. An immediate “Yes” followed (I suspect he is very used to being the center of attention and a photographers delight). A comb comes out from his pocket as he combs his mustache in the best way. Few clicks later, he asked me to send him the snaps, which I did a month later via the hotel I stayed. I unfortunately never received a reply.

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Classic pose – Priya Bhagra

Classic pose, Priya Bhagra

Classic pose, Priya Bhagra

“Like the classic Sharmila Tagore pose” remarked Priya excitedly when we discussed what we will click next, “and..” she continued “I have the perfect sari for it.”. As she unfolded her suitcase to reveal the sari she continued blabbering. “It’s my mom’s you know! She wanted to give this away! I saw it and said, I will keep it, it’s so beautiful…”. She continued remarking about the color and texture and I like any other guy in the world who is clueless about clothes, colors, etc, just nodded my head in agreement, and remarked “It looks great!” Read More

180 degree flash bounce portrait


Firstly kudos to Zaver Shroff for such an outstanding pose.

One popular method of using flash is using a bounce method where you would bounce the flash off the roof at an angle so that rather than direct harsh light, a reflected more scattered and even and balanced light would hit the subject. While this works well most of the time, it does tend to love shadows below the eyebrows, and eyes because of the direction of the light as it comes from above from an angle. One method to easily solve this is to choose a spot which has a wall behind and turn your flash in the opposite direction (180 degree) to the subject Read More

Call of the sea

Adi stepping into the sea

Adi stepping into the sea

The sea stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

Walking down the steps of Bambolim Beach Resort, Goa, Adi shrieked at the first glimpse of the sea. His pace quicken as my sister frantically chased after him to calm down and go slow. Clothes flew off his body while he was still running a master trick which I can’t understand how he managed. Read More

The girl on the balcão

Anuja Chauhan - balcony

Anuja Chauhan – balcony

One Saturday morning (few months back) Anuja and I decided to go to Bodega Café, located at the Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts at Altinho. I had been to this place a few times and love the huge old Portuguese house, the gallery which showcases some excellent work of art, and courtyard, the ambiance, and the daily changing menu. A very good place to sit and relax reading a book, or chat with few friends. Read More

The girl and the machine

Tanya Vaz Gaffino

“Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, clearly never owned a bike”

The beast of a machine stood there, looking all mean, showing off its biceps as sunlight reflected its chrome black and steel body. The roar of engine made one proud. As Tanya sat on the bike, the lady and machine become one. The combination lethal. Tanya a commercial pilot is used to mean machines! Read More