Mustache man – Rajasthan

This darbaan (gate keeper) of a resort at Rajasthan, proudly greeted and welcomed us. You will see all around Rajasthan men sporting lavish and stylish beards. His jolly nature and friendliness eased us into a conversation and I asked if he was willing to pose for a photograph. An immediate “Yes” followed (I suspect he is very used to being the center of attention and a photographers delight). A comb comes out from his pocket as he combs his mustache in the best way. Few clicks later, he asked me to send him the snaps, which I did a month later via the hotel I stayed. I unfortunately never received a reply.

Normally with portraits, I love to take my time, to make the subject at ease etc., but obviously this is not possible, that’s why sometimes candid snaps do better. However I do like his intense eyes, the wrinkles around his eyes, and the bleached beard at the edges (more like the new uncolored growth).

Although this snap was clicked ages ago, I recently went through my photos to search for inspiration for my paintings, and this definitely looks like a good subject.

This was clicked at around 100mm, f/4, ISO 1000. I decided to go black and white only to give prominence to his face and mustache which get a bit sidelined in color because of the striking pink turban he was wearing.