Reflections, acrylic on canvas 24×36″

Reflections Acrylic on canvas Painting

Reflections Acrylic on canvas Painting

I started working on this almost 1 year back, but never got to completing it. I did not like the color/composition and the big canvas scared me a bit. After neglecting for many months, on the birthday of my friend Priya (the subject of this painting), I was determined to focus on this and to get this finished.

Deciding to renew it with a different style with more abstract approach; The good part about abstract is that mistakes can be considered as art flair ;)

I started with the background, using the inspiration from the large abstract I had previously created. Some of the problems I faced was making the subject abstract as well. For this the bold colors helped. I remembered that a post impressionist painting had bold outlines and applied that as well. Over 2 weekends spending few hours I could finish this 24×36 painting.

My advice to anyone who does not like what they have created, sometime you need to step away. Don’t throw it away, or neglect completely. Tackle it once you feel you have an approach ready, and keep experimenting. You can always paint over if you don’t like. This is exactly what I did, I kept changing it till I liked it.

As usual a picture of my palette below used on this painting.

Reflections palette

Reflections palette

One thought on “Reflections, acrylic on canvas 24×36″

  1. Such a beautiful painting. I’m sure Priya will be as touched as Pia and me are with the Buddha Canvas.

    You’re a true artist and I’m proud to be your friend.



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