Call of the sea

Adi stepping into the sea

Adi stepping into the sea

The sea stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.

Walking down the steps of Bambolim Beach Resort, Goa, Adi shrieked at the first glimpse of the sea. His pace quicken as my sister frantically chased after him to calm down and go slow. Clothes flew off his body while he was still running a master trick which I can’t understand how he managed. He waited in excitement at the edge of the sea, for us to catch up as he was eager to wear his floats as well, begging his mother to hurry up and kicking his foot in frustration as to why its taking so long.

Few minutes later he happily wades into the sea as you can see in this snap. I experienced profound happiness when I looked at how he was enjoying himself. His yelling as the waves came forward; the splashes he would make; the big constant grin on his face; and the carelessness at the moment.. who cares of any troubles. If I would have offered him all the chocolates in the world, the biggest toys, or any other possession to step out of the sea, he would have not accepted it. I wonder when will we grownups have that feeling of immense joy and happiness that we would refuse all the worldly treasures for.

I used aperture priority at f/2.8 at 200 ISO which clicked at 1/2000th sec with my 100mm lens. This ensured Adi and the water around him is sharp and the foreground and backgrounds fades away. I added a little saturation in post processing to make the snap more vivid.