Only a glance – Priya Bhagra – Rajasthan

Only a Glance Priya Bhagra - Rajasthan

Only A Glance

Our idea was to use the Haveli wall background to give a royal setup, and the outfit was selected accordingly. Rather than have a front profile we decided to get the shoulder glance to work as Priya walks away from the camera. Rather than being still in that pose she had to walk many times and turn and give a casual glance, this was important so as to get the correct body posture and feet position. At the same time the face should be expressionless with alluring eyes. Took quite a few clicks to get this working. I am extremely happy with the final snap and kudos to Priya for the brilliant pose. I don’t think anyone else could have done justice to this snap. The background with the wall colors which and lighting on one side, the dark steps on the other, the brass pot, the leaves, the pillars with light effects all worked in our favour.

Below is another snap we clicked in the same Haveli

Priya Bhagra Rajasthan

The lady and the fountain

Another part of the Haveli in Jodhpur, the fountain scene had to be playful. Capturing water droplets is easy but only from a close shot. With a wide angle shot the problem is the droplets might be too small to be visible correctly. Again we had to make a few attempts before we managed to get enough droplets to make this work.

Both the snaps were clicked at Pal Haveli at Jodhpur.

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  1. Loved the location ,the poses the model and especially how u mde the droplets dance for your camera :) great team
    Cheers !!

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