The devil in us

Zaver Shroff - The devil in us

Zaver Shroff - The devil in us

Comeon admit it! We all have a devil in us. We would watch big boss and then appear to be shocked at the behaviour of some of the participants, but we all are like them.. if you are not still convinced, let me ask you a question. How would you react if you knew there was a hidden camera every where you were, in the car, on the bike, at home, at office at the party, seeing and hearing everything you do or say. Well you will be shocked, because there are few things in our lives we consider personal, could be the way we scream at someone at home, what we surf on the Internet, we could be digging our nose, we could be nasty to our neighbours, or cheat someone for some money, quietly pickup things from the office for personal use, steal something from a shop (I have seen that happening, weird how many girls love doing that), ill-treating the poor eg servants.


We are humans. we even made a quote to justify this act of our species. “To err is Human”! How convenient. How the hell did someone come up with that quote! Who was the great genius who decided lets blame us being Human for our devilish acts.


Another thing I can never understand is when someone says “I never lie!”, that itself is the biggest lie. In this world you need lies. I lie but my frequency of lie is really low, so its all relative, everyone lies, but for some lie with every exhale, some like one meal a day plan. The problem with lie is that we do it so naturally that we don’t think we are lying.. we believe in the lie ourselves.


The earliest act I can remember I did where the shadow of a devil was upon me, was when i was really young, perhaps 5 years old. I was playing near my house next to a tree where they had kept an idol for worship with a friend, and saw an icecream man tempting me. Since we did not have money we decided to take from the universal donor, God himself. Picked up a few coins, got the icecream, and went home happily. Ofcourse when my mom asked me where I got the money to buy an icecream, I was too small to understand what I had done, and told her. Well I dont think I need to tell what happened next.


In this snap Zaver Shroff a talanted model, (you must have seen here on Tropicana, Sony or Parachute adv.. She also acted in the recent “Paa” movie) posed with these devil horns you get at the beach side, and gave an alluring look, as if to say “Come on the darker side, you will like it!”. The flame and the effect it throws on her face both create a perfect lighting condition.

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