The forest guard

Forest Guard at Ranthambore

Forest Guard at Ranthambore

Sometimes a small insignificant event leads to something big. We might ignore, not notice, or care less about these small events, but they have been the catalyst.

As our jeep ventured further into the jungle in search for the tiger, we came across a forest guard carrying just a lathi (wooden stick). Just a lathi! Imagine facing a tiger with a lathi in your hand. Unless he knows kung-fu and can fight like Bruce Lee with it, I don’t see him surviving. Hmm perhaps he can climb trees real fast.

With no signs of fear he greeted us with “Jai Ramji” (Praise the Lord) remark, and spoke to our guide giving him position of the tiger.

Every moment before the tiger spotting was crucial, including meeting him. As its these series of events that lead to the finale.

Clicked at Ranthambore National Park, Zone 4, where I finally saw the tiger! See my previous post at

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