The stare of a Tiger

The stare of a tiger

The stare of a tiger

No words, no photographs, .. nothing can describe the feeling I got when this 4 year old young tiger stared into my eyes at Ranthambore less then 5 feet away, during my safari trip. I never knew I would be able to see him so close, and although I knew they are big cats, his size amazed me. I was not scared, because respect and admiration for this beautiful animal shadowed fear. There is no animal in the world, which will give you this feeling, which is so handsome, and fearful, and graceful and wild, and playful, and ferocious.. like a tiger.


“There is a Tiger inside each of us, we just prefer being a Jackass more often”


PS: Wonder if the Tiger was staring thinking, “hmm, the meat in this dude can feed me for a month!”.

13 thoughts on “The stare of a Tiger

  1. Posted on FB: Could u get that branch out of the way. It’s spoiling my view of the tiger. Lol.
    Great pic anu. That stare could speak a thousand words.

  2. As usual, I have to pay my repsects, more to your write-up than your footwa. The footwa is good, but the writeup is what makes me remember the photo long after loggin off te comp..Kudos dude….3 stars for the footwa, 5 for the writeup….

  3. Thanks Ren, I will email you the other snaps asap. But this one was the best. I got so excited that I started fumbling with the camera settings so could not get the best snaps.

  4. Yeah Rohit, The entire trip was worth only because of the Tiger. There were so many other places we saw which were beautiful, etc, and so many different animals we saw at the safari, but … nothing compares to a Tiger

  5. Thats an amazing pic…..its something that we missed on our trip to Jim Corbett…….


  6. Posted on FB: This pic is amazing anu. I was just kiddin abt the branch. Well who’d be thinking of camera settings or lens when u have a freakin tiger staring right into ur eye

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  8. Thanks Zaver,
    It was an awesome moment. Have to go to Gir forest next year to see lions too.

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