Smiling old man with turban, Rajasthan, Acrylic on canvas

Turban man, Rajasthan

Turban man, Rajasthan

I loved my previous style with Forest Guard painting and decided to recreate the effect using another snap of mine few months back. The original snap is available at Working on this was more difficult than I expected and I had to redo the nose and mustache and beard bits 2-3 times to get it to acceptable level. The trick I learnt in getting the lines is to mark the key lines first like the wrinkles etc, and then added filler lines with gaps, and then fill those gap with more lines. This was the symmetry of  lines is maintained easily. This painting took almost 1 year to make, only because I stopped it midway losing interest, or finding it difficult, I don’t know. I picked it up as a challenge again a few months back with the mindset that I wont get into the complexities of the right color, style, composition, but rather just paint for the fun of it, and not spent too much time worrying on it. This attitude change is very important for anyone who is starting out new painting, as otherwise you simply give up very soon.

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