Should we tickle a Terrorist?



Alan Alda once said “When people are laughing, they’re generally not killing each other.”, which makes me think.. “so the solution to our terrorist problem is to catch one and tickle him?”


Jokes aside laughter is perhaps the most beautiful facial expression and being contagious it aways helps spread happiness, its evident from the laugh tracks included in many television shows. (I always thought it was to make the dumb person realise its time to laugh, remember the donkey in the zoo joke).


Even relief theory which was probably first conceptualized by Sigmund Freud basically states that laughter releases tension, and hence is beneficial for one’s health, hence the term “Laughter is the best medicine”. I am sure all of us have seen “Munna Bhai MBBS”, the role of Dr J. C. Asthana played by Boman Irani was appreciated wherein he would laugh at every disturbing thought like a gangster marrying his daughter.


An interesting article I once read narrated how the laughing Buddha that many people keep at home actually is used because the happy laughing face of a fat man beings a smile and sets a better mood in the house. hmm Interesting… wonder if it will work on my neighbours kid.


Anuja was dead serious when I was clicking this.. Told her some funny stuff to make her laugh as I quickly captured this. Thats the best deal about digital cameras, you can click 10 snaps rapidly one is bound to come good. The black and white composure of-course gives it a very soft human approach. Have never really understood why black and white snaps come out better, but perhaps its because we see beyond the color, in the sense that it does not distract us anymore and we can see the true picture behind.

3 thoughts on “Should we tickle a Terrorist?

  1. Amazing picture…Anurag!!!

    the writeup too…is just too brilliant…im trying to figure out..which joke did you tell her??? anyone of those you told me a couple of days back???

  2. I dont remember what I said, must have said something like “Am I not the most handsome person you have met” I guess. The laugh is genuine :(

  3. lol..yes honestly, the laugh looks very genuine!!! well if you had asked me the same question..i wouldve looked more like…hmmm??? SHOCKED ??!!!
    lol lol…kidding bro…you know that YOU”RE THE BEST !!!

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