Dead branch with sea background

Dead branch with sea background

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!” claimed Leonardo da Vinci. This means every simple thing we see is a work of genius in the end.


It could be with respect to an invention like of the wheel, simple design, simple to make, but a work of wonder on how its made our lives easier, Imagine riding my bike with Square tires! So someone oneday must have just decided let me see how many sides I can squeeze in a convex polygon and voila a wheel design.


It could be with respect to living a simple life like Mahatma Gandhi, who became the Father of our Nation.


It could be with respect to having a simple meal of rice and dal.. missed it like crazy when I was away for 2 weeks.. Called my mom from the airport on my return flight and when she asked if I want something special cooked, I said yes, plain rice and plain dal.. thats all. It was the most delicious meal I had that day, my stomach was filled but not my hunger.


I crazily have clicked thousands of snaps of simple things like a cup, a toothbrush, coins, keyboard, once I followed an ant (hahaha) on a wall clicking its snap at a specific angle to get the perfect snap (yeah I am crazy) even my bata chappals.


We were at Fort Aguada Jail, when Zaver asked me to click this. A simple dead branch hanging on with the view of the sea behind. The afternoon sun was really strong above which gave a nice effect to the branch with strong light on the upper portion and a shadow below, and I had to click at 1/4000th of a sec to ensure the snap came out good. 1/4000th might seem a real small exposure especially since the ISO was 100, but it was needed because my aperture was fully open at f1.8 which shows with some parts of the branch sharp and some part blurred and the background blurred. The sharp contrast in color of the object and background also help make this an interesting snap