Palm tree and the moon

Palm tree and the moon

Palm tree and the moon

A simple change in perspective makes things more beautiful.

Lying down at the beach in the evening under the shade of a palm tree, I wake up to see the late evening blue sky show-off the full moon. However clicking the moon and keeping the palm tree background required some adjustments.

Clicking the snap of the moon requires as less exposure or low ISO to ensure one can see the dark patches (otherwise the moon will look like a glowing bulb with no dark patches).

Hence Although there was enough light around, this snap is dark because of low ISO of 100, and exposure time of 1/160 secs. To ensure the moon and the palm tree are both both some sort of sharp (the moon is still blurred in this image), aperture of f/9 was used. This also ensures less light enters the camera. This also results in a darker shade of sky which gives it a nicer color. And that’s how the moon was captured.

Play around with the settings and try to capture the moon with a background.

Clicked at Palolem near Papillon.

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