Ponte de Linhares Causeway

Ponte de Linhares Causeway

Ponte de Linhares Causeway

The famous Ponte de Linhares Causeway connects Ribandar to the capital Panjim and was built in 1633.

The drive is spectacular with Mandovi river on one side with islands of Chorao and Divar, mangroves and the Salim ali bird sanctuary in sight and on the other the khazans with their salt pans.

The rainy season sure does add a bit more color to the picturesque drive.

Every time I pass through this I am amazed at the engineering feat which has survived so long even though it was never meant for the busy modern traffic it caters to now. A must drive for every tourist.

Clicked from a car through the windshield glass. Since it was a moving vehicle my exposure time was set to 1/1600 sec to ensure the snap is not blurred. ISO 200 and f/5.0 also ensured enough light exposure (as a compensation to the fast exposure).

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