Lady at the dock

Zaver Shroff lying at the dock

Zaver Shroff lying at the dock

Sometimes the unplanned photographs are the ones that are captured the best.

Most of the snaps I click are experimental trial and error shots, decided on the spot.

On this occasion, we were at a dock without any plans to click snaps. Luckily I had my camera with me. Seeing the wooden planks of the dock we discussed the idea of taking a shot from above.

Since no one was around Zaver quickly posed while I (poor me) climbed a level above in the building next to it and tried taking a vertical shot below. It may seem simple, but it was tricky to extend as much as I could without falling off.

Zaver did a brilliant pose in-between patiently waiting for me to change setting between clicks.

The wooden planks in the background gives a nice rustic patterned effect  and the outfit is a good contrast to the background making the subject standout even more.