Gautama Buddha, Acrylic on Canvas 18 x 24 inch

Gautama Buddha, Acrylic on Canvas

Gautama Buddha, Acrylic on Canvas

Getting the correct calmness of Gautama Buddha is a bit tricky, something I learnt when practicing on a rough work before I started on a large canvas. I recommend everyone to start with canvas pad booklet which comes in a variety of sizes but usually around 10-12 inch size should be ideal. Do a rough work without spending too much time on the details. I was a bit worried about the color combination, which basically was aqua green, antique bronze, and gold, however the end result looked good so I proceeded with it. This one uses a lot of palette knife to get that layer effect gold on aqua green. The idea was to show oxidation which looks really good. I am especially happy with the final smile, as the rough sketch I had made seemed wrong.

Below is the rough snap to get an idea of what a rough painting should be. I spent a quick 20 min on this before I decided to paint on the bigger 18×24 inch stretched canvas.

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  1. The face expressions are perfect. The calmness, proportion, clarity are really admiring. Great work.

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