Pacha Katti, Kathakali, Acrylic on Canvas

Pacha Katti, Kathakali Acrylic On Canvas

Pacha Katti, Kathakali, Acrylic On Canvas

On the occasion of Onam, I decided to paint a quick Kathakali dancer. Apparently this one is called Pacha Katti and represents noble characters like Krishna, Rama, Arjun etc. While I used several reference images for this, I decided to do the half face approach which I had used for an earlier painting of mine.

One of the things I find difficult during painting is the elaborate process, and sometimes it can be too complicated. This led me to situations where I wanted to paint but would shy away only because I thought the process would be too complicated. I changed my approach by practicing quick paintings from 15 min ones, to few hours, rather than ones that take days or weeks. This approach really helped me to fulfill my need to paint without complicating. I basically stopped thinking too much about getting the exact color, exact dimensions, or thinking too much. If the painting is rubbish in the end so be it. I highly suggest everyone this approach as its been super useful to me.