The girl and the machine

Tanya Vaz Gaffino

“Whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend, clearly never owned a bike”

The beast of a machine stood there, looking all mean, showing off its biceps as sunlight reflected its chrome black and steel body. The roar of engine made one proud. As Tanya sat on the bike, the lady and machine become one. The combination lethal. Tanya a commercial pilot is used to mean machines! Read More


Expressions Priya Bhagra

Facial expressions and body language are giveaway, I might lie by my words, but my expressions might not.

Clicking snaps of people is interactive and fun. Asking them to be natural in front of the camera is tough at time, and the best way to loosen up is to try an expressions series. It sets a right rapo between the photographer and the model/subject. Smile, laugh, cry, shock, bored, crazy are some of the moods you can use, the more the better. Few tips Read More

Lady at the dock

Zaver Shroff lying at the dock

Zaver Shroff lying at the dock

Sometimes the unplanned photographs are the ones that are captured the best.

Most of the snaps I click are experimental trial and error shots, decided on the spot.

On this occasion, we were at a dock without any plans to click snaps. Luckily I had my camera with Read More

The rebel

Persy with his rebellious pose

Persy with his rebellious pose

Quite some time back my friend Jonny made me listen to a preamble to “The river” by Bruce Springsteen, I loved it so much that I had been hunting for a snap to go with it. This snap of my friend Persy goes well with it (Thanks Persy for the pose). Below is the preamble, but before that, this Read More

The little girl from Khajjiar

The little girl from Khajjiar

The little girl from Khajjiar

By its very nature the beautiful is isolated from everything else.


The horse ride at Khajjiar took us to a small farm high up in the mountains. Piles of haystack at one end and garlic fields at the other with small house in the corner. The view spectacular, and amidst all this a small girl appears and stood with a shy smile.


I wondered what life must be for her, isolated, away from the crowd, hidden away at the top of the mountain, no TV, radio. With the view of the valley far below and the tall mountains as backdrop.


Perhaps I should pity… perhaps I should be jealous.