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Monsson beach - Anjuna, Anjuna, Anjuna beach, Beach, Goa in the rains, Monsoon, Nature, rain, Photographer Anurag Jain

Monsson beach - Anjuna

Photographer: Anurag Jain, Aperture: f/6.3,Camera: Canon EOS 550D,Focal length: 58 mm,ISO: 100,Shutter speed: 1/200 s,

Monsoon beach – Anjuna

20 Aug 2013

The best magic trick is played by nature.


As we walk further inside the lanes of Anjuna at the cliff, we reach one end where the view seems just right. We stop for a moment to inhale this.


This time the monsoon brings a different change to the beach. The green moss on the rocks adds to the effect along with the green hills, the dark gloomy sky, the golden sand and the frothy waves.


We spend hours just sitting and gazing at the view, wondering how good it would be to have a home with this view.


Clicked at Francias shack at Anuja using 24-105mm L series lens.

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