The train journey

Mumbai train journey

Mumbai train journey

A snap I clicked from the local Mumbai trains, the best and the fastest mode of travel in Mumbai and the cheapest too. I have still not figured out the system and still wind up asking people which platform to catch a specific local train, but the locals just know it, “Doh platform par toh dheeri Gadi hai, platform teenh par superfast hai” (platform no 2 has a slow train, the superfast one arrives at platform no 3) adviced one. Another one yells “Aree baba maine conductor lagta hun tumko” (Do I look like a conductor to you?).


People manage to squeeze in somehow in an already filled in compartment, with no one complaining. Infact happily shifting a bit more further to make space for others. The people you meet are one of a kind too.. “Hai chikne”, says a male to female transgender, hinting for money. Dabawalla, carrying a huge load of tiffins, are seen rushing, ensuring that the tiffins reach before lunch time. Another one is busy cleaning his ears with pointed handle of his eye glasses, and some old men sit around and gossip about the day to day life. I suggest everyone to watch “The Darjeeling Limited”, where most parts of the story are shot in a train.

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