The lady with a prayer

Saira praying

Saira praying

A prayer is a constant reminder that we are beggars.

The act of praying or meditating either for religious or spiritual reasons is something most of us have done at some point or the other. It’s an act where one is most true to their identity, most vulnerable and naked. We are our true image when we bow down before the Almighty and accept our flaws, our mistakes, our sins with no explanation. Those explanations that we use to justify our acts every day to others, however, for that small moment of time in a prayer, we dont offer that to God. Perhaps this act of prayer is a requirement only to make us remind ourselves who we are daily. In this world where we wear a mask, it’s a small opening to a unbiased reflection.

Photographs of praying pose hence have long been used to reflect this emotion. Prayer images have been very powerful. It shows a moment of calm, still, and expressionless not taking into account the state of mind, happiness or sad we might be in but yet so intense. The snap of Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama with their hands folded in a prayer are some of the most iconic images in the world. Aside from these one of the most powerful snap is of “Thich Quang Duc” the burning monk in meditation.

I was just clicking casual snaps of Saira, when we decided to try a prayer one. The position of the hands and the perfect balance of light and shadow made from the lantern above make this snap work.

After receiving a few responses from people I guess I need to explain the one liner above. Don’t see begging as a negative act, but rather as the most humbling one. It’s the reason why in some religions the monks ask for alms with a begging bowl. Even in Christianity the idea that everyone, be it the Queen, the president, the industrialist, or a poor man ask God jointly in a prayer “Give us this day our daily bread”… is a powerful way to join the community together, to make us aware in the end we are all the same and we ask God for our basic needs. There is no special prayer meant in our Holy books for a richer person. Don’t we all beg for forgiveness? Don’t see this as dignity being lowered, but rather being humbled. I meant no disrespect to the act of prayer.

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