The Goan Ferry

The Goan Ferry Boat

The Goan Ferry Boat

One of the finer things about life is to take a moment out to enjoy it, and although Goa has its set of beaches, disco techs etc, the simpler things can add to your good moments, like.. a humble ferry ride.


Goa has been using ferries to transport people and vehicles across its rivers for years. I remember going so many times when I was young. Also during my Computer Engineering course at Verna we had to travel via Ferry for the initial 2 years on the route as the bridge was not stable for heavy vehicles, so I almost spent every day travelling in one. Unfortunately for the past many years, probably for 10 years, I had not stepped into one.


But this changed one day, when my friend and I had nothing to do, and by late evening we were eager to get out of our houses, the plan was simple, drive somewhere just for the heck of it. As we headed towards Ribandar, a craving for a ferry boat ride developed.


We parked the vehicle and stepped into a ferry that connects Ribandar to Divar island. We stood right at the end, waiting for the ferry to fill up with people, bicycles, motorcycles, and cars, till it could be packed no more. We happily stood at the end, and even the thick smoke from the exhaust which blew on us was bearable as the ferry started moving. Cool breeze and water mist along with the sway even made us forgive the roaring diesel engine which pushed it forward. I don’t remember how many times we went to and fro perhaps 4.. perhaps 6, but it was memorable no doubt.


If you are in Goa, I suggest a ferry ride, and its free (charges apply for vehicle).


This snap was clicked from a ferry as another ferry was transporting people in the opposite direction.


Canon EOS 550D, EF 24-105 mm f/4L IS U, ISO 100, 1/400 sec, f/5.0, 24mm

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