A bend in the road – Divar Island

A bend in the road - Divar Island

A bend in the road - Divar Island

If you wish to tun back time a bit and see the traditional Goan-Portuguese atmosphere, Divar Island is the best bet. And yeah you go there in style, on a Goan Ferry. Divar is connected by 3 points all via a ferry. Our drive through the small island is a nice experience, with lush green paddy fields, and old Portuguese style houses. I have been told an odd crocodile shows up at times, left over by the Portuguese around the island to cutoff from the mainland for food and supplies, the purpose being getting people to agree to convert.


Piedade is the largest village in Divar and houses a hill top church called the Our Lady of Compassion Church built in early 16th century. One gets a nice panoramic view of the surrounding places, and the peaceful quite atmostphere


I have also been told that this island is amoung the few places where you will find Urak (local Goan drink made from Cashew) all year.


This photograph was clicked on the way to Our Lady of Compassion Church. The winding road in the center with the fields on both sides, made us stop for few mins to take snaps.

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  1. Hi my name is Madeline and I have an Instagram page @waterfallwandering. In 3 days I will be lucky enough to visit Goa. I noticed you visited an area called the blue pool, I was wandering how you got there and in which part of Goa it is in. Thank you!

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