Smiling reflections

Priya Bhagra

Priya Bhagra

I saw her sitting and smiling by herself
I asked what future her smile is cast
“Not future” she said, “but the past, the past..”


We rarely look at the future and smile at moments we are going to live, but always reflect back at the past and smile. This snap is perfect for this thought. Thanks Priya for posing so well!


The past has so many glorious moments.


I remember the time when with very little money in our pockets we used to go to GMC (Goa Medical College) canteen, and for Rs 25 we would fill ourselves (2 people) with 2 mango drinks and a plate of channa masala (gravy dish) with extra parantha (bread) that we would share. That was much more joyful/fun than any meal I can easily afford today.


I remember how once during new year we had Rs 50 in our pockets, as we said no to all pubs and bars and events (having no money), and after driving aimlessly for hours, landed up buying a 180ml bottle of whiskey (the cheapest was DSP) for the first time. How we unscrewed the bottle to find the entire car smelling of cheap liquor (thats exactly how I remember it. It was so bad), and how we took one sip and threw it in a garbage bin. And consoled ourselves that we would make some poor rag-pickers day when he finds it.


I remember getting drunk the first time, at a friends house party. Sleeping in the kitchen with noodles all over me. I am not ashamed of it. Its a moment I enjoy thinking about all the time.


I remember the first salary in my hand, it made me more happy than the multiple times I earn now, I remember spending my first salary and the sense of freedom it gave.


I remember purchasing my bike, that was more fun than the car I bought later. I remember the endless moments I spend riding every part of Goa with friends. I remember my friend helping me with the paperwork (I did not have proper identification papers with the new house address). I remember riding it in all seasons, in the rain, and the sun, to pickup a friend at the railway station, to going triple seat to watch a movie, to pushing it for kms when it did not work, to meeting with an accident. The bike is sold now. I will always miss it.


I remember entering cafe coffee day with close friends the first time in Banglore. None of us knew how expensive the coffee would be and after a 15 min discussion, we decided to enter (with a deal that if its too expensive we would drink water and run away). It was a big relief to see it priced within our budget. We ordered tropical iceberg. We loved it so much, that we ordered another round. Cold Coffee has never been as good! We still talk about this whenever we meet.


There are many such moments, and as bright as the future is, the past will always continue to bring a smile.


The new year made a lot of my friends ask themselves and me if 2012 was a good year? or for that matter the year before. A lot of them answered no. Then one of my friend said that the reason we are not happy is because we set the standard so high. I think thats a good point.


For me it was a good year (not that my standards are low!), and I look forward to the year ahead.


Happy new year everyone!

14 thoughts on “Smiling reflections

  1. Lovely snap and beautiful write up to go with it….. :) Truly, the past has some lovely moments to offer us (provided we have the sense to pick which ones to scan thru’). What’s more important is that we make more moments like these in our present so that a few years from now, we have more to smile about!!

  2. Anurag, glanced through the gallery , you have an amazing collection …..few years from now , I am sure you gonna miss these moments aswell and so great job in capturing these beautiful moments in ur camera .I guess in retrospect life has always been fair , right and enjoyable. Cheers

  3. Lovely Snap…and what you said is very much true. Even when I think of my past, it gives me immense matter whether I recollect the tough moments or the beautiful moments I lived…I just love to recollect every moment which made me sad as well as the ones that made me laugh to the fullest :)…I am a person who don’t make any resolutions for new year…I used to ..long back..but now I believe that live the life as it is and to the best way you want …coz there is no retake of the moments pass by..

    I remember my Sapnagroup days too..It was awesome..Enjoyed a lots working there and haaa…Anurag, I still remember the photo clicked by you to use as my official profile pic. Magical click of your’s really got a lot to do with my present. It was that magical click of your’s which made Sajil go crazy for me…Just a glance at that pic and he was behind till I said a big yes to be his life partner.. Each time he reminds me about the wonderful feeling that he gets when he see that pic.. and each time he mentions about the pic, I remember you and thank you a million times for giving me such a wonderful life now what I am living :)…Thank you so much and do keep your hobby of capturing wonderful moments going on…

    Thank you so much Anurag and Wish you a very happy new year :) :)…I do miss you ppl and Goa too much but I am happy here too :)…

  4. Thanks zaver. You are right when you sat its important to pick up which ones to scan.
    And yeah we all need to make more moments! Cheers to that!

  5. Thanks a lot Ankush! Every footwa is a moment I will remember with fond memories. And yes, life has always been fair, right and enjoyable. Totally agree!
    Cheers Anurag

  6. Dear Nithya,
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Its true that even the past tough moment bring a smile now. I guess its to do with us being amused by what made us fret so much, or how we reacted to something, and smile and laugh about it now. Its great to know you live every moment of life.
    Thanks so much for your comments about the snap I took of you. I am sure Sajil agrees that you are much more beautiful in person!
    Cheers Anurag

  7. Wow

    You did the painting from this?

    Fantastic job Anurag. Love how you’ve interpreted this photograph of this beautiful girl Priya ❤️

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