Laws of childhood

Kids on their way to school in an auto

Kids on their way to school in an auto

Childhood is the most glorious moment of our lives, we realize this the moment we cross it to become adults.

The laws of the world behave in a different way for a child. Here are some which I have experienced or have heard from someone.

The concept of money: My mom never gets tired of telling me the stuff I used to do when I was young. Apparently I took money from a temple to buy icre-cream, not that I tried to hide the fact. I readily told her when she asked me. The concept of stealing or of money was not yet understood by me. I saw money lying in the temple; I saw the ice-cream man pass by and just decided to do an exchange. (dumb kid right?). Can we imagine as adults ignoring the concept of money? It so overpowers everything in our life now.

The concept of time: We did have a concept of time, but it was different. It broke the laws that govern it. As kids, time was slow and we had ample time to do everything. When I look back and ponder, I realize that the maximum accomplishment, WRT time, we have done when we were kids. Think of one day in your childhood, and go through the different things you would do, and now compare that with a single day of your adult life.

The concept of a good time: As kids to have a good time all we needed were few friends and a playground, which could be the kitchen floor and there would be peals of laughter and lots of fun.

Our power of imagination: We would be the happiest kids playing football with pebbles, Actually anything could be transformed into a football, a piece of clay, a ball of wool, and even crushed paper rolled into a ball. Our imagination was wild. Our pretend instruments would fix a person of any disease, or fix a car/airplane within minutes. Our sketches were wilder than Picasso, it just needed the right audience to appreciate. Basically there was no limit to our imagination, however as adults we are so bound by our structured way of thinking, that we use the term “think out of the box” to think like a child again.

The concept of being civil: The biggest crib any parent would have, would be about how we did not behave well in front of others. The idea to do something against our wishes just to please society, or someone (at times who we don’t know) did not exist. It seemed foolish. We always wondered why should we not grab and tear open our presents immediately?

The concept of friendship: As kids the whole world was our friend. We did not have a concept of best friend, anyone could easily be our friend even that kid who has snot running down his nose all the time. (Yuck! exactly my thoughts as I was typing it out, but it did not bother us when we were kids). Are we as acceptable in our pool of friends now?

The concept of beer (or any alcohol): We used to look at it with disgust. It was such a wrong thing for us. He He.. how stupid were we! (Disclaimer: This blog does not promote the intake of any alcohol.. Sheez!)

The concept of work: 40% work (as in study/homework) 60% play. which in my case was probably 20% work. What’s your ratio now as adults?

There are so many more, but perhaps it needs to be a part of the next blog.

This snap was clicked on the way to Ranthambore from Rajasthan from a moving vehicle. I loved the different colors and expressions I saw. When I see this snap this is what I think of
– Flight from Goa to Jaipur: Rs 6000
– Taxi service to Ranthambore and back: Rs 5000
– Safari: Rs 2000
– Stay at Ranthambore: Rs 2000
owning a pair of red shades like the little girl in blue: Priceless

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