Tree of knowledge of good and evil

Tree of knowledge of good and evil

Tree of knowledge of good and evil

Adam and Eve are happy but they do have their moments…

Eve: Adam darling, do you love me …

Adam busy fishing, “eh? yeah..”

Eve: Look at me.

Adam trying to ignore

Eve: You don’t love me anymore?

Adam finally looking at her: yeah tell me

Eve: am I beautiful?

Adam: Beautiful as compared to who? there is only one of you here?

Eve stomps out in frustration

Adam “God, why? I preferred my rib”…


Meanwhile God yells: “Let there be a tree with real juicy fruits”

The skys thunder, and behold a beautiful tree appears

The Angels praise, giving back slaps to God and say, awesome tree, Adam and eve will love it, the fruits do look delicious.

God: No they are forbidden to eat the fruits of that tree

Angels: Then keep the tree here in the Heaven what purpose does it serve there?

Devil: You mere Angels won’t understand the complexity of Gods work.

God summons Adam and Eve

God: You both need to know I have a new tree now, can you see that tree?

Adam and Eve: yes

God: The new one

Adam and Eve: yes

God: in the centre of the garden?

Adam and Eve: yes

God: the one with Shiny leaves

Adam and Eve: yes

God: The one with juicy fruits the tastiest of them all

Devil: giggles..

God gives him a stern look

Adam and Eve: wow

God: ah I forgot to mention, I forbid you to eat the fruits.

Adam and Eve: ok as you wish.


Adam approaches Eve realising he was too harsh on her.

Eve is silent

Adam: all fine?

Eve: you should know!

Adam: know what?

Eve is silent

Adam is silent

Eve sheds a tear

Adam: Oh no not the tears, when God said I will be your master he never mentioned the power of tears.. You know I would do anything for you

Eve: Anything?

Adam: sure

Eve: Eat that new juicy fruit to prove my love

Adam: hey this is the one God forbad us to have

Eve: All i hear is excuses

Adam: fine,

Adam walks towards the tree, as he approaches it, he sees that the fruits have fallen on the ground are rotting as no one eats them, there is this intoxicating smell.

Adam picks up a fallen fruit and has a bite, he likes it, has another bite, soon he is eating more fruits, he invites Eve to taste too and soon both are laughing and having a good time.
Eve: Hic, I had enough, want to have some more fun..
Adam: yeah Hic.. whats the plan
Eve: see the Devil is walking our way I will lead the conversation..

Devil walks by and notices Adam eating the fruits and panics “Hey u are not suppose to eat that”

Eve to Adam: “See Adam a talking snake!”

Devil: Snake? Look here lady I am the Devil

Adam: Eve you stand corrected it’s a talking snake who thinks it’s the Devil

Devil is upset and goes to complain into God

God summons Adam and Eve

God: How dare u disobey me

Adam: Hic!

Eve is quiet

God: You dont know what you have done

Devil: Ask them about the snake bit

Adam: Dont yell its ringing my ears..

God trys to calm the situation: Cool down.. cool down.. everyone.

Eve: Hic God, you look tired take some rest

God: I am God I dont get tired.

Eve: sure you do

God: No

Eve: you do.. you do hic

God: Eve I am telling you the last time, I dont

Eve: then why did u need to rest on the 7th day

God: clearing his throat.. err that was different

Adam: Hic.. God I have a question

God feeling uncomfortable: yeah?

Adam: Hic.. You created the earth and heaven out of nothing right?

God: yeah

Adam: and all the mountains and rivers?

God: feeling pleased: yeah

Adam: and all the plants and trees and the fruits and flowers

God: hehe yeah I did

Adam: and the animals and me

God: yeah

Adam: hic… all out of nothing, which is awesome

God: hehe thats not a big deal

Adam: then why did u need MY rib to create EVE?

God just leaves them.. Devil follows Him


Panel of Angels to God and Devil: We have decided to separate you two, you both are bad influence on each other, Devil you will now stay in a new place called Hell, and Adam and Eve also need to leave garden of Eden, its not a good place for them after what you have done.

Few days earlier (The FLASHBACK which fills the missing GAPS)

God: Alcohol is banned in Heaven all because of you, I am already being criticized by the panel of Angels about drinking too much.. after creating Adam on the sixth day, were you not the one who said “just one more round” after every round. I was in no condition to work on the 7th day and Angels still mock about it and call it “Sun (Sober Up Now) day”, and then the another time your idea of playing boomerang to see who is drunk the most.

Devil: It was not me who decided to just make one using Adams rib.

God: quietly now!!, Adam might hear you… he still believes I used it to create Eve, he should not know.

Devil: you know alcohol is not banned on Earth, only in Heaven..

God: you crafty old Devil! Let me make a tree which bears the right juicy fruits for fermenting it to alcohol.


The picture on the right was clicked at Divar island, Goa.

Setting: F/5.0, 1/1000 sec, ISO: 200, 88mm with EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS lens