There is a home! and its here.. its here.. its here..

Lighting at colomb beach at night

Lighting at colomb beach at night

Sometimes we experience something which is beyond words, remember the scuba diving scene in “Zindagi na milegi dobara”, where at the end everyone was silent, in their own self, lost in their thoughts.. this was just that moment.


Its just post twilight at colomb beach. Spread in front of me is a table with few chairs, few friends lazing around. 2 street err.. beach dogs resting themselves, content with the leftovers we gave them. Hot tea being passed around, perfect for a night like this. Cool unchallenged breeze and rising tide below (Yeah these were stilt cottages where water would pour in at night with high tide). A boat right in front, which I helped park an hour ago after a request from a semi drunk fisherman. A bonfire setup at the beach few steps away. The gentle rhythm of the waves, which of-course wins as the most soothing sound ever (Burp after a good meal comes 2nd, just mine though.. not others). I can feel my muscles relax thanks to the evening beach wash few hours before. But to top it all, the glorious live painting in front, of the other cottages with lights amidst palm tress.


Jawaharlal Nehru once said about Kashmir “If there is a heaven, its here.. its here.. its here..”, well I don’t know if heaven exists, but regarding Goa all I can say.. “There is a home! and its here.. its here.. its here..”!


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The lights were made intense by a longer exposure, which also help give a nice effect to the constantly moving waves, making them more calmer in appearance. The dimly lit palm trees as a backdrop add a small eerie effect to the entire image.

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