The perfect work desk

Sea view desk at Anjuna

Sea view desk at Anjuna

I don’t mind working in a cubical, just give me a sea view…


A few days back on a lazy Sunday I saw this desk on a small cliff at Anjuna, and I wonder if I should shift my work desk here. As I sat on the chair, and kept my feet on the desk, I remembered the words “No man-made object of beauty can be compared to the simplest elements of Nature, for Nature is the true artist”. Needless to say the rest of the evening was spent lazying around, watching the sun go down, while engrossed in light conversation with a friend.


Clicking this snap was tricky. I wanted to show the calm setting however including the sun took the focus away from the desk arrangement and the sea view. I finally decided to focus away from the sun while keeping the reflection of the sun in the sea within the view finder. A not so closed aperture ensured the sea is blurred while the desk arrangement is in complete focus.

2 thoughts on “The perfect work desk

  1. Now the location though idylic, raises the question of how much work would actually get done at such a location. I believe, the amount would work would also be dependent on the nature of work. Any typical desk work would have to be ruled out. Typical server administration stuff would probably to, unless there are critical trouble shooting. However, I think novelist would thrive at such a place – fiction/non fiction writers. So would artist, sketchers, painters… So there, even having such a view would not gurantee work from us all. As for me, I would probably start to write…

  2. In all honestly this is a worrk desk meant for work at leisure which also demands a few sips of beer on the side.
    Cheers Anurag

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