The magic of Goa

Twilight Colomb beach boat and palm trees

Twilight Colomb beach boat and palm trees

I may not believe in God, but I do believe a higher power paints these landscapes, for it is foolish to think chaos can be so beautiful.

I stare in silence, as the magic unfolds in front of me. I don’t want to miss a moment of this. I know there will be people in this world who are oblivious of this, who will never see this. It’s a thought still stuck in my mind as I type this. Having seen a glimpse of nature’s beauty, I wonder how many other such views have I missed all around the world.

Technology today has made it possible to travel in the virtual world via pictures and videos, but can they do justice? Can they create the serene ambience, the feeling of joy, of happiness, of contentment, of wonder, of an uncanny sense that you may be in the presence of God! It’s not possible to experience these through alternative forms. It does no justice to reality. It fulfills just one sense; that of sight; and does a bad job anyway. Its like comparing the experience of looking at a picture of a delicious cake, to actually eating it.

Being surrounded by concrete jungles most of my daily life, the sheer thought of escaping to such a paradise, makes me happy. Goan magic is seen everywhere; in its culture, the people, the language, the golden sand, the cool breeze, the sparkling water in the rivers and the sea, the palm trees, the cuisine; from the simple poee (Goan bread) to the intoxicating feni (alcoholic drink made from the cashew apple), the temples and churches, the clubs, the greenery, the old Portuguese houses.. the list is endless.

Over time I have tried to capture these, and my love for photography developed because of the urge to capture these wonderful aspects of Goa.

Snaps exclusively of the magical moments of Goa can be seen at

This snap was clicked at Colomb beach. It’s a wonder, I was able to be stop staring and pick my camera to click this. Not a moment goes by when I don’t think about escaping back there every day.