The fisherman at Colomb beach

Fisherman in his Boat

Fisherman in his Boat

Umesh the fisherman who took us around to monkey and butterfly islands near Colomb/Palolem beach. The reason for his good old jolly nature is given away with a sniff .. of alcohol. His slightly staggered walk was probably due to the soft sand we say. At the first glance, his boat does not seem much, and I wondered if he would row us all the way, even more worried that he might pass us the oars, and ask us to row. But soon he was seen carrying a yamaha motor and fitting it to his boat turning it into a modern marvel. His physics ability were obvious when he sized me up and did some mental calculation on the best place for me to sit asking me not to move or shift. Not only did he take us to the 2 beautiful isolated islands as promised, but also showed us dolphins on the way back. Don’t forget to ask for Umesh next time you are near Colomb beach near Palolem.


“A fisherman’s walk: three steps and overboard.”
Marcus Valerius Martial

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  1. Hmm, Not sure which Bandar you are.. I know many.. But thanks! I had not noticed the similarity of a fish until you pointed it out. Nice observation.
    Cheers Anurag

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