The caterpillar crisis

Caterpillar on a blade of grass

Caterpillar on a blade of grass

As humans evolved, so did crisis. There are many of them and occur at different stages, and I guess some are normal, some not so….


– Identity crisis: Who am I? What am I doing?

– Personality crisis: I feel like a man in a woman’s body! (or the other way round).

– Existential crisis: Is there a purpose to my life? Why am I here?

– Mid-life crisis: What have I done so far in life?


However my dear friends, all it needs is a humble reminder that none of the above can be as bad as what a caterpillar goes through.


Firstly I think God played a cruel joke when he created the caterpillar. I mean what are all those legs for if all it can do is crawl? Seriously!


2ndly the purpose of its life really is to eat and eat more, get fatter and fatter! Actually not too far from the life purpose many of us have.


3rdly the poor creature lives with the most complicated crisis (A combination of all of the above and more!) throughout its caterpillar stage.


I can almost imagine it lying down on a couch and saying to a shrink


“I don’t know why but I feel I can fly at times”

“I feel like a butterfly trapped in caterpillars body”

“Am I made for a bigger purpose?”


Thinking about the poor caterpillar always makes me feel better and I know I am a thin man trapped in a fat body!


I clicked this snap using the standard 18-55mm lens. One does not need a macro lens each time, as one can always zoom in the maximum with an open aperture, and get as close as the camera allows.

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  1. OMG OMG OMG…you are seriously talented my friend…(always tell you that ..and I dont mind saying it again and again!!!) Amazing ..I actually thought you used a macro lens. until i read the write up. Great job bro !!!

  2. I cant decide about what i enjoy more your excellent photographs or even more amazing write ups

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