Scary face 1


Scary face

I once went for a Hindi movie and in one scene right after a murder, on a tree a dead body hung upside down. The camera closed on the face which was pale with the moon light falling on it. The background music was not comfortable at all. and suddenly when the camera was right next to her face, she open her eyes. The entire row shook as I trembled in my seat. I turned to look at Priya to check if she was fine, andyeah she seemed ok… she was laughing.


Saket once told me about this road on the way to the university which was haunted as many students have seen ghosts there, one claimed he saw one in the rear view mirror sitting in the back seat and when he turned around it just flew though the back of the car out in the open. Needless to say I have never driven/ridden/walked that road alone again. Thanks Saket for if it was not for you and your stories I would have not found the alternative routes to the university.


After seeing a documentary about split personality, I freak out on any scary movie. I hate it when friends gather together and start talking about the ghosts and unexplained events they have seen. They should really shut up, go and see some scary movie and don’t invite me. I am not exactly religious, but God, Devil please don’t prove me wrong by showing me anything I don’t want to see.


This was a technique I learnt from a friend. Take a very low source of light which beams more like a spot light, like the small led torch you get on a cigarette lighter. Hold it below your face at a small angle so that all the light does not focus on your face but only a part of it. It creates awesome shadows, and creates a real scary photograph. You can give a small tint of green like I did via photoshop. Neha looks really scary in this snap.

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