Presence of God

Presence of God

Presence of God

On the many discussions we usually have among groups of friends, God, religion, faith do come up at times, and I was once told that God shows his presence in Nature, and Nature is God. I kept quiet not knowing what to answer. I am not sure if I should believe or not believe in His existence, but do realise that beliving in Him is a safer bet, at least at the time when I reach the gates of Heaven or Hell :).

But still the discussions continue till this date. Shantaram explains the concept a bit more scientifically, that the begining of universe was in a simple form, and slowly with a period of time its moving towards complexity, terming the process “tendency towards complexity”. The goal which is ultimate complexity is what we call God. And our actions, good ones help this process, bad ones lead us away towards this goal. I think this explaination is perhaps somewhat closer to acceptance as compared to others I have received, although … Well like I mentioned before why take a risk.


This is an old snap I clicked, use photoshop to make the colors richer. As far as I remember this was from the window of my room on a day it was really cloudy and the warrior clouds staged the arrival of rain.


What separates me from most so-called atheists is a feeling of utter humility toward the unattainable secrets of the harmony of the cosmos.

Albert Einstein



ps: When Renita read this post she messaged “wow u write so well, impressive stuff anu”. Hmmm.. incase you are wondering about the “hmmm”, well let me ask you. Imagine you baked a cake, and after everyone had a bite they praised the cherry. haha. So thats exactly what I was wondering, why no one praises my snaps on a photography website? (And I know I my writing skills are bad) I guess realisation dawns on me slowly on how I suck at photography. :) Renita and I had a good laugh after I shared my thoughts with her.

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