Lamp shade in the dark

lamp shade in the dark

lamp shade in the dark

I love snaps where the background blends into the unknown darkness, something that can be achieved in a low light scene with a brighter light source within the frame. Just enough exposure will ensure that the surrounding is not light up. This of-course gives more emphasis on the object. You must have seen that most product snaps are with a neutral background like black or white without any other object in sight for the same reason.


Its sort of better to have reflected or entrapped light source on an object, this ensure the light source does not grab the headlines, such snaps tend to remove the finer details in the picture eg the intricate work on the lampshade can clearly be seen because of the entrapped light. I don’t always follow rule of thirds and this is one of the examples where I preferred keeping the object right in the center.


This snap was clicked at Martins Corner, Betalbatim – Goa.

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