Dogs world

Dog overlooking sea

Dog overlooking sea

If my dog could talk (rather than bark or bite) I am sure he would tell me his tales of the travels he undertook, how out of poverty he used to drink from the toilet, or how for defense he had to fight me, and literally chew my arm off. How the AC was never up to his liking, and how the treats were never enough for him. I can just imagine the kind of conversation we will have, here is what comes to my mind immediately.


Me: Come on you lazy bum, you are getting fat, go for a run.
My Dog: Look who is talking! Have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?


Me: No more sweets with you, you loose your hair is what the vets say.
My Dog: Oee Takley, han han.. tereh to bahut ache baal hai! (hey Baldy, yeah right you have such nice hair!)


Me: Get out of my room!
My Dog: It smells like piss here, I just came to check who has been marking territory thats all.


Me: Here have a biscuit.
My Dog: Biscuit my foot! I smell ice-cream in the fridge, pass that you #@#@


Me: Stop drinking from the toilet!
My Dog: I heard Narayan Murty cleans his own toilet to keep his ego in check, I keep mine in check by drinking, Its being humble! You wont understand you arrogant fool.


Me: Stop biting me!
My Dog: Sorry, its confusing, you are round as a ball…


I clicked this at Morjim beach.

6 thoughts on “Dogs world

  1. Wow!!! wish ur dog really cud talk……
    What fun we( me and shera, not u) wud have ganging up together against u :p

  2. Hi Anuja,
    I have my doubts on Sheera teaming up with you.. He prefers having me as an enemy all by himself and not sharing that pleasure with anyone.
    But at the same time he can be convinced if you have enough chocolates, icecreams, and indian sweets and many hours scratching his ears.
    Cheers Anurag

  3. Oh!!! be assured that once he hear’s my schemes he will be more than happy to join hands with me.
    And as far as sweets are concerned, i’ll make sure that its never out of stock esp when you’ed be footing the bill. :P

  4. You dont know my Dog, he probably is the incarnation of the Devil Himself. He might use your schemes against you.
    Just the other day when I was scolding him for pissing on the carpet, he grabbed my camera cleaner kit from the bed, and dashed out in a flash. By the time I managed to force it from his mouth after 10 mins of chasing him everywhere, not only did I loose 1kg perhaps, but also a good cleaner kit. It had his drool everywhere.
    And why should I be paying for all the chocos you give him?
    Cheers Anurag

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