The monster I see every day.. every night..

Sheera the terror

Sheera the terror

Day 1:I got my new pair of shoes. After hours of searching for one that fit my large feet the salesperson finally found one. I go home, put them under my bed, and forget about them. Next day while getting ready for office, I find one missing. I know its the monsters work, the devil himself. I walk in the garden trying to locate it, and find it half stuck in soil. A quick glance makes me realise that I need new shoes. Amidst the soil, the drool, the signs of sharp teeth of the creature of terror are clearly visible, the shoe tongue was bitten off, perhaps so that it can never tell its story, the face smashed up. Why does he not torture the old bata chappals I gave him for his birthday?


Day 2: My friend got me liquor chocolates from abroad. Its a big bar, I kept it on my desk. That night, I was woken up by the sound of a satisfied grunt/burb. My beautiful bar of chocolates had vanished,  The chocolate wrappings on the floor, lay witness to the monsters act again.


Day 3: I quietly try to sneak out of the house. Slow and soft footsteps.. my eyes on alert. Just before I reach the gates of escape, I hear a galloping sound from behind, I try a futile effort to run to the gate…. 2 secs later, mud marks all over my (what used to be) clean white spotless shirt, thick drool all over my hands, my bum bitten twice. I rush in to change and try to attempt again.


Day 4:My wallet is on the floor, credit cards, debit cards, atm cards, license, money, coins all spread across, The wallet is in 2 parts now. The devil no where to be seen.


Day 5: Am out of a fresh shower, when suddenly I feel a tug at my towel, I grab with both hands. The start of a long tug of war.


Day 6:The devil seems quiet for some time, very lazy. I don’t like it. Silence before the storm they say. 2 secs later I hear my father yell, the devil did his early morning routine right in the center of my dads bed. My father gave me a look.. as if I did it. I escaped to my room as soon as I could.


Day 7: I reach home from office to find our flower pots broken and mud all around. Using the technique of pushing his nose/ showing him what he has done and giving a slight pat/hit on his nose I thought he will get the message, but he went to the only surviving pot, gave it a hit with his paw, and speed away before I could catch him, to let me know who is the boss.


Day 8: I need new shoes after the pair got last week were destroyed..


Loop: go to day 1.


Another snap of his is posted at Sheera – My dog.


PS: I recommend everyone to see the movie “Marley & Me”, my dog, looks and behaves exactly like Marley.

6 thoughts on “The monster I see every day.. every night..

  1. Wow… couldn’t have described that Furball-terrorist any better… I so thought of him when I watched Marley & Me.
    Keep the posts coming.

  2. Yeah you are lucky your dog is small, when he jumps on you, you wont feel it. Mine is like the sky falling on you (As Gauls would say it).

  3. Thats really a nice snap of sheera.But don’t blame him for anything naughty! I guess he has learnt it from his owner…hee hee

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