The Ent

Creepy tree

The Ent

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ok ok, I do admit I click crazy snaps at times, but I loved this one. Its fantastic. It looks like from some … “The Lords of the Ring” scene. Almost whispering .. “Go away”.. ok I better go to sleep now.. Its late.


23/03/2009 – I got a lot of compliments for this snap, some posted comments, some emailed me, some even called me. Vinod suggested I changed the name to “The Ent” (google it if you want to see what it means) which fits the description and I feel silly or not thinking about it especially since I mentioned in the blog it reminds me of “The Lords of the Ring”.  Thanks Vinod. I almost can see one branch reach out like an arm. Brr… should not have stood so close to this one.. one never knows…

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