Count the lamp-posts on the highway

Count the lamp-posts on the highway

Count the lamp-posts on the highway

Yeah yeah.. I admit the title is copied from the line “Count the headlights on the highway” in Elton Johns song “Tiny Dancer“. I first heard the song in the movie “Almost Famous”. Not only was the movie outstanding, but the moment wherein this song was played, was captured beautifully. It has since been one of my favorite movies, and one of my favorite songs.


This image is related to the image on “Autobiography of a lamp-post and the fart“, as both are from the same spot but opposite directions.


What I like about this snap (other then the clouds), is the way the numerous lamp-posts make a lovely silhouette. The bird, right on top, adds a nice flavor too.

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  1. Hi Kartikeya,
    Thanks for your comments. I currently use a Canon 550D, but most snaps on my website at the moment have been clicked using my old Canon 400D. You can read more about the equipment I use at
    Cheers Anurag

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