Vagator beach Goa 180 panorama

Vagator beach Goa 180 panorama

Vagator beach Goa 180 panorama

Panorama images are fascinating. And with little ease you can create your own. Click here to download the original full size image at 72 DPI and 70% quality size 20756×3039.

1. The first step is to find a location which will be the point from where you will take all the pictures. Ideally a high point which will allow you to take 180 degree etc images.

2. Start clicking the images starting from one end to the other slowly shifting your legs for the next image, ensuring that at all points you are at the same point. Try not to keep too much gap, and ideally shift just enough that there is good overlapping of images.

3. After you have all the images, if you want you can do another pass, also see if the 2nd pass includes images which are focused slightly higher ot lower depending on whats more prominent. Cause when you join these images they taper towards the end, and hence some cropping will occur.

4. After all the snaps have been clicked, save them on a pc and use a software like Kolor Autopano and drag and drop your images on the application window, and click on the detect icon which is a green play button icon.

5. After it forms the panorama image click on edit/configure, and if you scroll right at the end you will see render, this will save a jpg version on your desktop.

6. Import this image in Photoshop etc to correct any issues and then export it to the required format.

This snap is of Vagator beach during the monsoon season.

Please also see which shows an awesome image. The “making of” section shows some ideas which I borrowed to create this image.

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  1. Cool !!! Well captured Anurag!!! Love the detailed writeup on 180 Panorama :) This place looks familiar ;)

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