The road at Parra

Road at Parra Goa

Road at Parra Goa

Valerian almost seems to be saying “Praise the Lord.. for Goa is beautiful!”.. Yeah indeed Goa is spectacular, because even the simple small narrow roads like at Parra give you the sense of being alive and one cannot help but pause for few mins to inhale the view, the palm trees on both sides of the narrow road, the lush green carpet of grass on the fields on both ends, a small chapel in the view.. and cool cool breeze! Yeah Monsoon season does bring out the best of Goa, the greenery all around even makes it up for the heavy rains we have to face, including problems associated with it, flooding of roads (amazing na.. each year we face this problem, government does something at times, and because of the changes they make, some other road becomes the poor victim!), power cuts, and lets not forget the important BSNL broadband.


Sometimes we do take the place we stay for granted. But then its common to hear many of my friends who have moved away from Goa say, “I miss Goa, my home, the fish, and the cheap drinks, even the local pav, sanna” etc. So to all you Goans, and Goa lovers out there, keep Goa clean, and here is a link to all the snaps which showcase Goa

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