Sunset lighting and zoom

Boat at Anjuna

Boat at Anjuna

Ok 2 points here, Lighting and Zoom


1. Lighting: The sunset conditions offer nice lighting for clicking snaps and no, not of the sunset. Use the sunset light to click other scenes around and see how they come. Notice the shadows in the sea of the ripples, which would otherwise be burnt in an image. Because of the angle of the sun, any small ripple in the water will create a shadow. The lighting also creates a golden hue all around. Just remember not to click directly at the sun, or not to include the sun in the image as otherwise everything would appear dark.


2. Zoom: 149mm ensures I zoom and get the part I need, shutter speed of 1/80 sec ensures that at that zoom the image is not blurred and yet allow enough light. Keep in mind at 55 mm if you can click at 1/30 sec without making the snap blurred, as you zoom, you need to decrease the shutter speed for lesser exposure if you are not using a tripod, as any small movement you make gets magnified in the zoomed one. Aperture of f16 ensures I have everything in focus without closing the aperture too much for light (even 12 would have been good and I would have used it if the snap was darker). ISO can now be set. An ISO of 200 ensures you get enough shadow and light.


This snap was clicked from Curlys shack at Anjuna Beach late evening.


Metadata: 1/80 sec at f/16, 149mm, ISO 200.