Sinquerim beach under the moonlight

Sinquerim beach under the moon light

Sinquerim beach under the moon light

Clicked this at Sinquerim beach late evening few days back. The cloudless clear sky with the moon, just at twilight created a nice effect on the sky, the orange twilight sky at the horizon and the dark blue night sky mingle with a nice gradient. The crescent moon, and the palm trees and beach silhouette adds to this image.


Sinquerim is a small village 16 kms from Panjim, and the famous Portuguese Aguada fort is built here. Taj found this to be the perfect location too and you can see its setup once to head to the beach. The beach is relatively small and offers sporting activities like paragliding, boat rides etc. The stone enclosed fortification at the beach offers a good view point. Perfect to spend your lazy Sunday. Candolim, Calangute and Baga are very close.

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  1. It’s impossible to observe the full spectrum of life or to feel the heart of any city without walking on its streets, which is especially true of where I live now. Here that means braving waves of black fumes and chaotic crowds – I am reminded of where I am whenever I feel the dust of the streets on my feet and the shocking humidity on my face. Utterly chaotic and filled with grand complications, it’s a city that still manages to charm me somehow, in quiet and unspoken ways that extend far beyond the nostalgia of childhood. Yet, when I close my eyes and want to lose myself, the spectacular sunsets (each more magnificent than the last) I’ve enjoyed on the white sands of Corona Del Mar, glorious pink shimmer silently melting away into depths of blue flash before me..

    Moments like these remind me that the splenderous sprawling sands and the seductive beauty of that landscape is only one state away. Imagine what it would be like to be there at night, reading under the watchfulness of the wise and glorious stars, under those magnificent palm trees, enveloped completely by the sounds of those playful waves lazily lapping.

  2. Hi Guess Who,
    Would you by chance be Tan? :p, I know just one person who can write beautifully.
    Cheers Anurag

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