Ingos Saturday night market at Arpora, Goa

Saturday night market at ingos goa

Ingos Saturday night market at Arpora - Goa

The hippie culture started in Goa in the 60s, and people would make a long journey by special buses from Europe at a days notice to be in Goa. To make some money they started small flea markets which gradually grew where everyone would come together and sell some unique items from their homeland. Ingos Saturday night market in Goa is basically a representation of the same thing. Lots of people, lots of stalls selling different items, some common like T-Shirts, some not like precious and rare stones, bamboo instruments. There are enough stall all around to make you tired but don’t worry enough stops for food and drinks for replenishing your energy. Anything from biryani to pasta although its more expensive than the usual rates. Its a must attend place for anyone who wants to experience a different side of Goa. There are stage shows too and I remember Apache Indian performing once, fire acts are quite common.


The market runs usually around Nov to Feb and a good time to enter would be around 9:30 pm – 10:00 pm. It usually starts winding up by 12:30 midnight but I have known it to continue till 3:00 am at times.


Clicking in the dark is always tricky and having a basic SLR camera does not really make it simple. But with a very high ISO its still possible to get that mood of the shop/stall.

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  1. Hi,I would like to set up a stall at Ingo,I make handcrafted gypsy dreamcatchers and other ornaments.Would love to learn more about the same.


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