Is this Earth! We all seem to be asking. The first glimpse of the Himalayas at a curved road prompted all of us to step out of our vehicles to just enhale this sight. For some of us it was our first look at the “abode of snow” (Thats what it means). An almost similar sight being viewed by 6 countries (it spreads so far!) was an achievement of some kind by Nature. It nurses the highest peak in the world. A quote by Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Yogavacara Rahula will perhaps give an espy of what Himalayas is all about.

“A Himalayan trek is a metaphor for life itself. On a trek we are searching for a majestic peak or high plateau, a beautiful stream or waterfall, or a shrine or monastery. The destination or goal serves to quench our thirst, our desire. It provides a short respite from the rigors of the trail, a brief “One Night’s Shelter.” Then we have to descend, move on. We cannot stay there.”

One thought on “Himalayas

  1. SuperAwesome!!! It looks like a picture postcard……tell me, Anurag, didn’t u feel the presence of some infinite, unexplainable power of creation when u stood there taking in this sight?

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