Capture the moment

Capture the moment

Capture the moment

Ever gone through some old lost pictures, like of the time when you were in college a totally different person, in looks and thoughts… or of your childhood, or of a special moment with friends or the loved one. That’s the reason why we all love to capture a moment with our camera, or with videos. The beauty of photos as oppose to videos is that it holds still a moment, as if with a pause button and allows us to reflect and see our surroundings and the expressions on our face much better, which we would not otherwise notice. Photographs had had a lot of influence thought out its short history. It is said Painters were influenced with photography after they noticed the sometimes odd form of the human body while walking, or a careless hand scratching the back etc, which started emerging in paintings. War photography have influenced countries to take action, and lets not forget the huge credit card bill you get when your wife goes shopping after reading the ads on the latest cosmopolitan magazine.


Listed below are some of the famous photographs which in my humble opinion are revolutionary in their own way.


1. Afghan Girl – Photographer: Steve McCurry


2. Stricken child crawling towards a food camp – Photographer: Kevin Carter


3. Guerrillero Heroico – Photographer: Alberto Korda


4. The unknown rebel (Tiananmen Square) – Photographer: Stuart Franklin Magnum


5. Albert Einstein – Photographer: Arthur Sasse


6. Nguyen Ngoc Loan executing a Viet Cong prisoner in Saigon – Photographer: Eddie Adams


7. Burning Monk – The Self-Immolation – Photographer Malcolm Browne


If you have a camera, carry it around wherever you go, and dont miss a moment without getting it on reel/memorycard.


I captured this snap of a friend of mine while she was clicking the sunset at Morjim beach.

4 thoughts on “Capture the moment

  1. Nice one, how did you manage to get the background so blurred? Photoshop? I know a bit of photoshop but it takes time to mark edges.

  2. Hi Palak,
    Although you can make a blur background using photoshop, I use a cheap lens from canon f1.8 50 mm which costs just Rs 5,500 (around 100 USD), which gives sharp images for forcused objects (esp at f 2.8 and above), while really bluring the background. It gives really fantastic results. Its a must have for anyone with a small budget who has an SLR.
    Cheers Anurag

  3. Nice Pics.. I like photography.. :) Capture moment Album Very nice.. Thumbs Up For Anurag Jain.. :D

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