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Solitary canoe at sea, Abstract, Abstract photography, canoe, canoe at sea, colomb beach, Fisherman, fisherman at sea, Goa, low light, monochrome, Nature, ocean, ripples, sea, Silhouette, Solitary, travel, travel photography, wave, Photographer Anurag Jain

Solitary canoe at sea

Photograher: Anurag Jain

Solitary at sea

28 May 2012 | 2 comments » Add a comment

There’s something about the water – that solitary kind of peaceful feeling. You’re on Earth but not quite.
John C. Reilly


My perfect holiday is always at the beach.. I try to avoid a place which is packed with people and rather choose a more secluded spot. There is nothing more

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Steve Jobs, a tribute steve jobs, Abstract, Abstract photography, candle light, Dim light photography, iPad, Steve Jobs, Steve jobs snap with candles, the person Steve Jobs was, wallpaper, Who is Steve Jobs, Photographer Anurag Jain

Steve Jobs

Photograher: Anurag Jain

The monk who sold us iPads

10 Oct 2011 | 12 comments » Add a comment

The monk: Who came to India driven by a need to explore his spiritual self and met Neem Karoli Baba. He adopted Buddhism and even shaved his head and wore monk clothes even when he came back. Buddhist monk Kobun Chino Otogawa presided over his marriage in 1991.


The drug addict: His experiments with

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Road at Parra Goa, Abstract, Abstract photography, coconut trees, Goa, Goa in monsoon, Goa in the rains, narrow road, Nature, palm trees, Parra, road, road in goa, Valerian Fernandes, Photographer Anurag Jain

Road at Parra Goa

Photograher: Anurag Jain

The road at Parra

02 Aug 2011 | no comments » Add a comment

Valerian almost seems to be saying “Praise the Lord.. for Goa is beautiful!”.. Yeah indeed Goa is spectacular, because even the simple small narrow roads like at Parra give you the sense of being alive and one cannot help but pause for few mins to

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Ransley Vaz, 50mm, Abstract, Abstract photography, burn, fire, lighter flame, man with a flame, man with a lighter, People, Portrait, Ransley Vaz, Photographer Anurag Jain

Ransley Vaz

Photograher: Anurag Jain

We didn’t start the fire

23 May 2011 | 2 comments » Add a comment

Yeah right! we didn’t start the fire.. It was always burning, since the worlds been turning.. But the fire is every growing, thats because we try to fight it with fuel rather than water.


People revolting, war, drugs, diseases, rape, child abuse, murder is what greets us early morning in news… And its nothing new, its been happening since the dawn of civilization. So why do we label ourselves as a civilized society? Which civilized

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Boat at Anjuna, 149mm, Abstract, Abstract photography, Anjuna, Anjuna beach, Beach, boat, Boat at Anjuna, boat at sea, fishing boat, Goa, Goan beach, ISO 200, Nature, photography techniques, sea, sunset lighting, sunset lighting photography, wallpaper, zoom photography, Photographer Anurag Jain

Boat at Anjuna

Photograher: Anurag Jain

Sunset lighting and zoom

06 May 2011 | no comments » Add a comment

Ok 2 points here, Lighting and Zoom


1. Lighting: The sunset conditions offer nice lighting for clicking snaps and no, not of the sunset. Use the sunset light to click other scenes around and see how they come. Notice the shadows in the sea

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Splash of life, Abstract, Abstract photography, colomb beach, fashion, glamour, Goa, Model, model photography, model portfolio, palolem beach, People, Portrait, sea, sea wave, splash, Top 10, water, wave, woman being hit by a wave, woman in sea, Zaver Shroff, Photographer Anurag Jain

Splash of life

Photograher: Anurag Jain

Splash of life

15 Mar 2011 | 13 comments » Add a comment

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”


Just a small reminder to everyone, life is too short to hold grudges, hatred, jealousy, anger, resentment, sorrow, grief, pain and whatever else troubling your mind.


When you step into the sea, and you are hit by an unsuspecting wave, which sweeps you off your feet, you yell in terror and excitement as you are droped much further away, you make an

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Lonesome cloud amidst a storm, Abstract, Abstract photography, cloud, Nature, Sky, Storm, Stormy sky, wallpaper, Photographer Anurag Jain

Lonesome cloud amidst a storm

Photograher: Anurag Jain

War of the clouds

14 Oct 2010 | 4 comments » Add a comment

Black clouds marched to block the sunlight, soon all that could be seen was just a yellow streak of the evening sun on some clouds. I wondered if Hiroshima was like this when the evil day struck. Clicked this snap quickly mins before the torrential downpour of rain blinded this view, and yeah its pseudo HDR

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Friendship, Abstract, Abstract photography, Anjuna, Friendship, People, see, shack, Silhouette, wallpaper, Photographer Anurag Jain


Photograher: Anurag Jain


03 Sep 2010 | no comments » Add a comment

We had nothing to do on a Sat afternoon so we decided to head to Anjuna at my favorite place, a less known shack (if I were to name it here it wont be less known anymore, would it?), and

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The Roots of Sepultura album cover at Saturday night market at Ingos - Goa, Abstract, Abstract photography, Arpora, Flea market, Goa, Ingos, low light, others, Roots, Saturday night market, Sepultura, wallpaper, Photographer Anurag Jain

The Roots of Sepultura album cover at Saturday night market at Ingos - Goa

Photograher: Anurag Jain

The Roots of Sepultura

07 Jul 2010 | no comments » Add a comment

One of the reasons why I love Saturday night market at Ingos is that people show their tattoo in the open, by tattoo I mean show what represents them, could be in what they wear, a

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lamp shade in the dark, Abstract, Abstract photography, lamp shade, light techniques, low light, night photography, Photographer Anurag Jain

lamp shade in the dark

Photograher: Anurag Jain

Lamp shade in the dark

19 Jun 2010 | no comments » Add a comment

I love snaps where the background blends into the unknown darkness, something that can be achieved in a low light scene with a brighter light source within the frame. Just enough exposure will ensure that the surrounding is not light up. This of-course gives more emphasis on the

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