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Mae De Deus Church at night - Saligaon, Architecture, Church, Goa, low light, Mae De Deus Church, Saligao, Saligao Church, wallpaper, Photographer Anurag Jain

Mae De Deus Church at night - Saligaon

Photographer: Anurag Jain, Aperture: f/5.6,Camera: Canon EOS Kiss Digital X,Focal length: 119 mm,ISO: 400,Shutter speed: 1/30 s,

Mae De Deus Church, Saligao (night shot)

16 Jun 2010

The Mae De Deus Church is spectacular at night lit up in orange and yellow light which bounce off its white walls to create a glow effect. Its almost as if the church was made of paper with bulbs inside which glow radiating the light out its thin walls.


F5.6, 1/30 sec, 119mm, ISO 400.


Here since I did not have a tripod stand I preferred increasing the ISO to make the sensor more sensitive to light (a little compromise on noisy picture of-course), and an open aperture of 5.6 allowed more light to enter, allowing me to click at 1/30 sec which is just steady enough for me at 119mm.

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  • zaver shroff - June 17, 2010

    Beautiful shot Anurag…….Angle’s just right so as to highlight it’s architecture n lighting is glorious!

  • Ren - June 17, 2010

    WOWWW….Amazing capture anu!!! You are awesome man!!! I envy u..and your cam !!!

  • Anurag Jain - June 17, 2010

    Thanks a lot Zaver, its an awesome sight to see everytime I pass through Saligao at night.

  • Anurag Jain - June 17, 2010

    Ren do you remember almost 10 years back you had clicked a similar snap of this church at night with your digital camera (that time they were the coolest cameras and you were the only friend I knew who had it). I still think that snap was way better.

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